Multi talented, spirit enhanced musician, Award winner and the current act-SHALOM, has an amazing mix of stunning vocals, intriguing singing techniques, with a firm awareness and expression of realms supernatural in her distinctive style.

In the spirit of exceptionalism, she earns a record of high standards in her first ever solo video for the ENERGY ROOTER track-I DON WIN!

Shalom’s got a resilient passion for the art, this explains her consistency, the drastic evolution from a tender little girl singing story to a now seasoned minister emitting glory…

Shalom has a repertoire of rich global experiences. Featuring among the winners of the 2010 GOSPEL MUSICAL competition which saw the production of a hit track album of ten songs. She also pioneered what has now become the GOSPEL MUSICAL AWARDS as a result, Shalom was handpicked and granted a unique opportunity to perform extensively alongside world class musicians across African countries like Morocco, Nigeria among others.

As an activist she is passionate about the spread of this Gospel of Christ by carrying the divine presence of God to the nations of the world with a special demonstration of the character of the Holy Spirit even as expressed in the upbeat praise testimony of “ON WIN”.

With a big dream to trigger a fresh steam for gospel music in French Africa and beyond, revive a new zeal in evangelism across all age groups and enable your own victory chant as you anticipate to watch the video. We hope that you personalize the song and put on your dancing shoes as you listen,

Share and enjoy!


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