Camer’s rap goddess; Askia, has now joined a new league; Alpha Better Records!

She debuted her career with Sieni Brothers, and during that era, we knew her as an afro-pop artiste, with songs like ‘Tat’ Obaseh.’

Then she signed a deal with Mutumbu records. That is the label that groomed her as a hip hop artiste, for that was when she released the rap singles that earned her the title ‘kamer rap queen.’ She released her ‘Under Construction‘ mixtape and her famous rap songs like ‘No worry me‘ ‘panda remix‘ and ‘welcome for kwata.’

Now she has been signed off from Mutumbu records by Alpha better records. Meanwhile details of the financial aspect of the deal are not fully disclosed, sources tell us it was heavy!

She is now Alpha Better records’ first lady, as she is the only female among the label’s three artistes; herself, Salatiel and Mr Leo.


Her experience so far in the music industry has revealed her versatility and so we would be seeing her do all genres of music under Alpha Better Records.

She will be debuting her first song under the label in January titled “Ma valeur” a zouk/afro-pop blend.

She also has recorded songs with Locko, Mr Leo, Salatiel and STANLEY Enow which would be released next year! Anticipate!! For y’all ain’t ready for Askia!

Keep up with Askia on social media:

Facebook: @askiaofficial

Twitter: @askiakarin

Instagram: @aski_ka

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