Early Life

ARREY ETANG EGBE was born on a certain Friday, the 30th of November 1990 to Mr. Richard ARREY and Becky BISSONG in MAMFE, the South West region of Cameroon.


Music has been a constant in his life wherein is passion for poetry and art found a voice in music. He started writing songs at the age of 16 and he has never stopped writing from that time. He started doing music professionally in 2008. Since then he has worked in several musical projects and the output is a whole catalogue of singles to his name.

Throughout this time, he has attained a certain level of maturity and lyrical prowess. His music is built around a seductive and captivating sound. ARREY ETANG formerly popularly known by the stage name “Arré” is a very versatile artist; his music cuts across RnB , afro-pop and Rap (MBOKO) genres. He is able to convey contagious emotions through his music. Emotions like falling in love and being merry.


He has recorded a couple of highlights in his career. One of the most significant ones is his participation in ‘MTN make the Music contest’ in 2014 where he emerged in the top 8-runners up of the competition. He has also lightened several stages with his blazing performances over the years.

ARREY got featured on a Vreezy Ville single “Jakiri” before he released his first single off the label “Main Musik” titled ‘Love won’t take much time’ featuring “TzyPanchak” of Best Music – Now Blunation late 2015. Then turned it up a notch with the video for the SMASH HIT “Low Waist” under the record label “Main Musik” earlier in 2016. His fans can only anticipate the best as he winds into a befitting musical future.

Currently independent, the artist is under career management at Eleven Thirty Music Entertainment where he serves the 2014 compilation / album ON POINT.


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