Two brothers, very close and passionate Cameroonian music lovers and artistes based in the USA, Vumomsé and Mokambe are expected to have water piping slowly down the pipeline. This is the first drop of the year or probably the first release from these two ever since they stared music.

The multiple award winning gospel star, Vumomsé, is still reveling the release of his amazing and breath taking song “Move It” which was release and compared to no other song of that irk in Cameroon because of it redundant fines, taste, video graphic and artistic nature.

For the man, Mokambe, who says his mission is to “change gospel music from the normal and ordinary hand clapping to a feeling that everyone even a lame will listen and dance”, is still suffering from countless notification and nominations for his song “Past Life”, that many describe not only as a classic gospel music video, but also as a music video tutorial.

This two artistes have been silence sine from the day the Anglophone problem started. “Helep We”, could this be their own contribution and voice to the fight and struggles of their brothers back at home? Such titles this period should be taken note of.

When we anticipate, we become anxious and curious and wanting. Date not announce but the cover arts already parading social media.




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