Whenever a project meet a good projector manager, one is assured not only of a good business outcome but also a profitable deal. Cameroonian born epitome of beauty, Vicky Ngamsah a.k.a Lady Bling, finally speak out for the first time in an online interview about herself, her career and future plans. From an underrated point of view, she takes the world right deep into the abyss of her ambition, works and project.

So daring and motivational, she graduated with a 2:1 Upper BSc Degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Wolverhampton, West Midlands in 2012, after obtaining a Cameroonian Teachers Qualification prior to relocating to the United Kingdom, to join her husband. She is a respected Motivational Public Speaker, Singer, Composer, song Writer & Actress.

Founder & CEO of the Rosa Verla Foundation (a charitable association) and Director of Rosa Verla CIC UK, which she created with aims to help fight against poverty, promotion of health and to educate both the young and older generations, she firmly believes that education is the key to a better life out of poverty.

“Follow your heart and stop worrying about the how, for everything falls into place, by His grace” – her favorite life quote.


Qs: For how long have you been doing music and what pushed you into music?

Anwr: I have been in music since December 2016. Music has always been my Passion. My mom (RIP) always taught me to sing and because she was a poor and marginalized Nso Woman in the 80s, I decided to do my first ever two tracts in memory of her. As a motivational speaker… I titled it “motivational speaker”

Qs: Why did you chose to sing?

Anwr: I believe that music has to bring a message to the people and mine has to be motivational. Music is celebration and so people should be able to dance in celebration. Music is passion as well and I try to get my listeners to feel and live the passion in me touching the hearts of those demotivated in life with personal and true life stories

Qs: What is your brand of music?

Anwr: I do Njang, Zuck and Bikussi.

She recorded her first song in total dedication, respect and thanksgiving to her late parents, her dead 6 brothers and sisters and her late Nephew, Tavigha. Last year, she finalized her first album of 5 songs and like every speedy motivated artist, within two years, she is again at the verge of hitting online with another album.

Lady Blink is a Cameroonian showbiz lover and have in her list amazing artistes whom she like.  “I love Lady Ponce, Coco Argente, Eyango, Papa Sale and Duleur” she said.

Married for over 15 years today, her goal is to bring awareness to mental health issues and to unite communities. Vicky is also the Founder & Director of the WL Extended Hands, a UK based company.


As part of her corporate responsibilities of her company, VVL Extended Hands, she has successfully carried out the following projects:

Visiting and delivering donations of goods to the Shisong Orphanage in Cameroon.
A three-day Workshop with all the Cameroon and English speaking Musicians based in Yaoundé Cameroon.

Delivering ‘The kids go back to school project’ to over 7 Primary Schools in Cameroon. She collected writing materials and visited the various schools, distributing these items to school children and giving them motivational talks.

She appealed for unwanted books in the UK and shipped them to Cameroon to set up the Kikaikelaki Community Library

Vicky founded the Entrepreneur Association Mbonso (E.A.M). This is a poultry farming project to help men and women in the rural areas, bringing communities together and empowering them to conquer poverty. Her goals are to help people fight against poverty in the rural areas of Cameroon, a Central African country. One of her main roles here is giving lectures about how to achieve self-improvement.

Another project Vicky initiated was spending time with those who are forced to beg for a living on the streets of Douala, where she spent time speaking with them and provided a meal for them on the day.

She also gave them salt for their families. The VVL Women Extended Hands that she founded did a great job during this project. It is sad to note that the Extended Hands Women Douala and Mbve Kumbo group, had to close due to Management issues.

She collected unwanted books in the UK and gave these books to the library, to her Alma Martha Saint Francise Comprehensive College, Shisong.

The aim of her VVL Women Empowerment Conference, in Bamenda and Kumbo, was to empower women to live to their full potential. During her speaking initiatives, she bought awareness to the importance of forgiveness and hard work.

During her visit to the mental health patients on Kumbo and Bamenda, she spoke to the mentally ill patients living on the streets, giving them a little money and reassured them that they are loved. Vicky gave them a cuddle and reassured them that she will come back to visit them again.

She organized a cross country event in her village, Kiyan, where adults and young people took part in this successful project and she supplied the prizes for winners. She then went onto the stage in her capacity as organizer and raised some funds towards the village hall project, that same year.

Vicky Ngamsha Women Annual Football Cup (2016) and the Maria Goreti Catholic Church Choir in Kumba Town Parsh, Cameroon – These initiatives were established in regards to creating opportunities for those less fortunate than herself, to teach them to re-empower themselves and to take charge off their own destiny.

Vicky Ngamsah is also a multiple award winner

The University of Wolverhampton Volunteer Award of the Year 2011

The Speed Project Best Award 2014


Vicky is passionate about reaching out and touching the heart of those who feel neglected and re-motivated and she accomplishes, this by inspiring them with practical and personal examples of her own life story and experiences of overcoming advertises.

How would Cameroon not be able to be at the list of the favorite countries in the world with such talented and philanthropist minds like that of Lady Blink, this should go a long way to instill in the hearts and minds of all Africans to be examples for their countries.

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  1. I’m one of those benefiting from Lady Bling’s motivational talks and I PROUDLY say I’M PROUD OF HER

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