This is the probably the first nomination for any Cameroonian this 2017 as Cameroonian Afro-gospel singer and song writer  based in the USA, Mokambe received yesterday the message of his nomination and  a tweet from the organization on twitter.

Still another chance for the Cameroonian to put his kneels down and pray to God for this huge recognition as he has been a nominee for many other awards but has always have hopes to one day be a winner.

The African Gospel Music & Media Awards (AGMMA) is the premier gospel event that recognizes the immense gospel talent that exists within the African gospel music and Christian media fraternity and beyond, and honors and rewards them accordingly at its annual awards event. The awards night is a culmination of its yearlong activities which includes seminars, resource and networking events, regional concerts and career guidance.

The awards seek to unearth, encourage, motivate and inspire musicians and media outfits to aspire to attain excellence in their ministries and businesses, and to be of better service to the kingdom.

A great reason that raised Mokambe a nominee as the only Cameroonian in this prestigious award, is his amazing video PAST LIFE  which was submitted and the messianic message the song carries. A song that talks of man’s respect and commitment to God, drawing his inspiration from the holy book, Mark 8:36 “for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Watch the video and visit the official AGMMA website for more details until voting starts.

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