When the night comes, you find only those with torches walking long distances because they have artificial eyes so as when a child plays and robes her body in the mud, she knows she has her parents and neighbors to clean her up.

Talking last year 2016 to her fans for her first time on an exclusive 6:44minutes short documentary interview powered by Kamerflow Magazine in collaboration with We Trend Ankara 237, is Cameroon’s youngest celebrated kid, MAYOHCHU ATEM EBAI, an actress, model, pupil and a feature brand CEO.

Born in the economic capital city of Cameroon, Douala on 16 June, 2009, of MRS. ATEM EBAI AYUK TABI TAMBI and MR.ATEM EBAI JEROME, she is the only girl and the third (3)  in the family of five (5).

Raised in a family where love is the gate way into their house, her mother, an HR Associate and father, a Chartered Accountant with MTN Cameroon and also a business man, she is been monitored by a handful of entertainers as even boss parents are also into entertainment.


Little Mayohchu is one of the youngest kids making wave in the Cameroon entertainment industry and she has featured with gurus in the cinema world and advertised for many fashion agencies especially for her officially signed brand, WE TREND ANKARA 237 , a Douala based fashion agency where she is an ambassador.

During the Buea fashion Week of Reneta Ndisang, her performance was not only a mind blowing one that shocked the audience who attended the ceremony but a rejuvenated punch to activate other kids of her kind to embrace entertainment.

For some kids after that day and after clearing their doubt when she was seen over AFRICA MAGIC, a Nigerian urban television and other top television channels, the innocent kid innocently became their role model. What an audacious step!

As if 2016 was her 10th anniversary in the industry, she was also selected in the Bamenda Fashion Week which failed due to the Anglophone crisis and other problems that put a pause to the almighty Bamenda Fashion Week. Even with the event not working at all, rumors had it that Mayohchu and her management team, had already refused participating due to irregularities of some clauses made by the organizers in the contract they were to sign.


In the cinema world where her undisputed talent is been praised by almost every major filmmaker she works with, Mayohchu has stares in many films especially feature and short films that have won awards. The one best thing about the kid is, NO director has ever complained about her and her style of acting. “She reads and master her lines before everyonewhich is the major key of an actor” – A director commented

She acted in Ecran Noir award winning feature film NIGHTFALL starring Nigerian star Clemson Ohameze, Cameroonian screen heavy weights, Jeffery Epule, Ade Kelly, Ayuk Tambi and others.

Earlier this 2017, a film she stares in “E DO” by Nkanya Nkwai, has been selected into the Toronto Film Festival and Festival International Du Film Panafricain De CANNES.


  • Nightfall (Feature Film)
  • E Do (Short Film)
  • Samba (TV Series)
  • Two Days
  • Mallet
  • Impatient

Below is a 6:44 minutes video of Mayohchu’s background. Watch, share, like and comment.

Watch Interview – CLICK


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