Colorful, elegant and filled with beautiful and vibrant filmmakers, celebrities and fans, Bamenda on Saturday, 22nd April, 2017  was in the spotlight in the country, hosting one of the country’s film events of the month; Cameroon Movie Achievement Awards, CAMAA.

As Buea was hyping with CAMIFF, Bamenda was at its own part, nominating the best Actors, Actresses, Film Directors, Screenplay, Best Editor, Best Sound Tracks, and Film Stakeholder etc. within the industry for the CAMAA first Edition to be held on 27th May in Yaoundé Congress Hall. After serious screening and selection, only few of the hundreds of actors and films in the country were nominated.

Amongst those nominated was the little and talented Mayohchu Atem Ebai who as usual, shut down the hall with her charisma wining a nomination in the category; BEST ACTRESS & ACTOR as best Child Actress in two movies, NIGHTFALL, A film directed by Anurin Nwunembom and produced by Nkwanya Nkwai and E Do, a film directed by Nkanya Nkwai and produced by Ruth Kwenti.

As always, her branding was mouthwatering by her manager and team with very stylish outfit and design from We Trend Ankara 237. Always with the support of her family and other celebs, the little kid is of no doubt growing to be the role model she talks of always.

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