Music video director, producer, actor and Founder aMusic has left many with wandering minds with questions like “what then is Adah Akenji doing? seems such questions could only be directed to someone who is in all the highlighted fields in showbiz and is not good at them because, this niggar is as good and ready as a BIR for a mission.

Produced last year by a collaboration of three renown names in the country VOYD Incredible, Drae Boy & PAP, the official video of Nanana by Adah Akenji drips with so much to tell and enjoy while watching. Known for his skills in indoors videos, the director – artist, beautiful designs the set for the second verse like never before in the country with elegant lighting throughout the video.

Having the look of this period’s video production, the video has an urban look combined with it beautiful choreography and an underrated color grading.  Still to see such a clip this month, the video could be the best for the month and if not the year.


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