Maahlox reacting to the SDO of DLA 5th for banning his show.

Cameroon-rapper and street MC, Maahlox Le Vibeur faces, same trouble like Franko in 2015 with a mayor in Douala when his (Franko) hit song Coller Là Petite, was banned by the mayor of Bafoussam.

Signed yesterday  by Kotto, the SDO of Douala 5, the star replied the mayor as if he knew a case like that was to come forth. Maahlox seems to know the reason and the people behind his cancellation of the concert.

Days ago, Maahlox was assaulted in a nightclub by a female during a performance, hitting the star to the ground with a football stick (bat) that landed the star in a hospital. The cause being that, Maahlox insulted a girl in his song “Un Bon Plantain.” The girl who hit Maahlox seems to have known him somewhere and heard him ridicule her friend (another girl) name in the song and so, aggravated the situation during the show by insisting on the DJ to play the song (Un Bon Plantain) because the girl he called her name in the song was in the club that night in Yaounde.

Maahlox fingers are pointing at her for being the master minder behind his ban in DOUALA since she’s some sort of an influential lady in the country.

See what he said online in French.


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