How many like him do we have left in Africa, though with the rapid vanishing of Africa’s culture? It takes only a rapper with a good imagery of the continent in the years to come to do what Wan Shey is doing and has been doing.

Call it a “country song” a song to be in a museum, or a song that has no front and back, but Iron Bit calls it the exact identity of African Rap. Produced by Iron Bit himself in Yaounde, “Wuna Morning” is a cross national song engulf with so many home dialects.

How Wan Shey came out with the idea to do such a legendary song we don’t know but the one thing that will trigger your mind will be how they both decides on coming out with such a beats – ancestral.

If Kendrick Lamar is a world and an outstanding rapper today, is due to his believe and history of Compton. In all his songs, he relates who he is, who they are and what they have passed through.

Iron Bit
Iron Bit

The stronghold of African music is the torture, deaths during slave trade. The ancestral voices used in “Wuna Morning” sound no different from the innocent voices heard in the Jungle and forest of Sierra Leon and banks of Ghana by blacks with chains on their necks singing during their transportation to the Sugar plantation in South America.

I find it very hard to say anything contrary to this. Wuna Morning!



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