This will be the first to go down records in the history of Cameroon Cinema, how little 8-year-old Mayohchu Atem Ebai, a child actress and why not the first Cameroonian actress dedicates her award to children face with violence all over the world.

At the just ended African Film Festival that took place in Dallas this week, Cameroon was among the list of the favorite countries in Africa contributing immensely to the growth of continent’s progress in film making. Among the list of countries that went for the competition, Cameroon was lucky enough to come home back with something to celebrate with Best Young Talent in E Do.


Emerging best child actress, the actor, model and ambassador of We Trend Ankara 237 brought another moment of joy and prestige upon her family and team by succeeding through the tough race. She made it public yesterday on her official page given credit to everyone that contributed to her victory. As little as he is, one would barely agree with the young model the things she could say and do (Watch her interview).

Directed by a man who celebrated his birthday few days ago, Nkanya Nkwai, the award came to him as a double blessing this week.

Read her article and courtesy to her family and team HERE.


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