The First official press conference for the Cliq Urban Music Festival 2017 held on, July 11th at Chariot Hotel, Buea. The Cliq Urban Music Festival is a large scale 4 days music fair that features an exciting lineup of national, international and local artistes, scheduled for November 29th to the 3rd of December 2017, in Buea.

The press conference that ran for about an hour was massively attended by media organs in and out of Buea.


Seated at the high table was Cameroon’s finest artiste, Mr. Leo, co-founder and official Ambassador of the Festival. Mr Enobi Prince Mykel, co-founder of the Cliq Festival and CEO of the CLiq Empire,Buea, Barrister Fombon Jerry, legal consultant at the Cliq Empire, Simo Jandie, press officer for the Cliq Festival and Mr. Ewang Valery, marketing manager of the Chariot Hotel, the official festival village.


The speakers through the question and answer session emphasized the need to drive up the consumption and exportability of Cameroonian music, creating a platform for international collaborations, and bringing to spotlight undiscovered talent.

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