Rapper/song writer and founder of War Machine Music, Dex Willy,  announces the coming of another breed, a  genius as he called into the industry whom he thinks will set another mark like his former son, Tenor.  Dex Willy, will ever remain in Tenor’s heart as the man who accentuated his talent to reach where he is today.

As the man who headed the success of the  young star, he has always wish well for Tenor even though no longer with him as well as other other upcoming artist. Dex’s priority is aimed at discovering new talents and realize their dreams. A mission which he himself had to put his incredible rap career in line to see others succeed.

No complex this time around, Dex Willy calls on every Cameroonian , African to show the same love and appreciation they showed to him when he brought in Tenor , to his new catch, as the union is now like a family. That is , artists getting paid and running their  career even while still in the showbiz.


This is Dex’s post… Dex Willy

Dew Willy who came back  a month ago, came with so much new development and projects in place even a brand name for himself, PABLO. Waiting for the release date of his artist’s new clip, directed by a foreign renown director, Dan Scott, who has directed video for Fally Ipupa, Bisse & Stanley Enow and many other top artists, War Machine Music Entertainment is ready for the world!

War machine music has now sign cooperation deals with some investors and has created a new legal branch in the USA. :WAR MACHINE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT head by a young successful business man RAMESH ETTA, a us citizen originally from the home land, Cameroon. Days from now, a big conference will take place in Yaounde to officially present the new staff and the new artist.

War Machine Cameroon

War Machine US headed by Ramesh Eta

War Machine France headed by Slim Marion

See the family picture below


War Machine US. Dex Willy & Ramesh Eta


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