It is a new beginning and a new page opening for Dex Willy, founder and CEO of  WAR MACHINE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. After introducing TENOR into the game and he made his way to the continent, the rapper and songwriter, Dex Willy, has again gone for the search of four machines whom he calls them, “Geniuses”.

On Tuesday, 8th August 2017, at Simpson Hotel, Carrefour Mecc, Yaoundé, War Machine Music Entertainment introduced to the public and media personnel’s, 4 of its newly signed talented artists all from Cameroon.

Asked by journalists who were present why he had to sign three artists at once and only singers, Dex said, artists, especially rappers, are not packed somewhere that a manager will only need to go and collect them and he has plans for the three (4) artists already. He continued by saying, he goes to an artist and not the other way round. That is, the way he went for Tenor, a rapper, will be the same way he will go for another rapper. As for the case of only rappers, he said, more is still to come and he is looking forward not just to sign Cameroonians but foreign artists as well, since the label now has a base in both the USA and France.

War Machine Music Entertainment USA is headed by a rich Cameroonian  investor and business guy called Ramesh Etta, who for the past months has been pouring in money and supports to the Label. Ramesh Etta who has been in the USA for quit a long time, is expected anytime time this year to return home and invest and join hands with Dex Willy to build the War Machine Music Entertainment empire. The business guy who associated with the label due to its visions, is expected not only invest in it but also to see it reach its maximum height.

The question of why and what happened between him and his former son Tenor, was strictly kept out of questions, even though some journalists insisted on asking, but the answers were never given because the event was for the new brands and not to talk about him and Tenor, though they got no issues.

The event that was marked with the presence of fans, journalists and TV stations, lasted for about two hours and a one-on-one question and answering session between the artists and the press.

At the press conference, only three of the new artists were present, Mr. Shyne, Ocho and Aveiro while the only female, Sosey (Based in Congo) was not, but preparing to come days ahead for a tour in Cameroon.

Dex Willy presented himself that evening more as a businessman and quoted MALVIN RECORDS of Don Jazzy in Nigeria of doing a similar thing he intends to do for the nation. Dex’s call this time around is to search, locate and dig-out talents and sell to the world.

With the little time given for the conference, the artists executed, the time they had by sampling their fans with a mixture of three acappella brands of music, Rap, R&B and Bikutsi.

Just from their charisma with the mic in their hands and the beautiful melodies they all composed, a SONY Music informant watching them will only need to go and come back with a contract form for Dex Willy to sign.

Stay connected with Kamerflow Magazine as the entire video for the event will be uploaded shortly on the Kamerflow Magazine YouTube channel.

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