This is art, an art that only a creative mind will see the meaning and not the amazing camera angles in the visuals. DEVIL NO DI SLEEP performed by rapper and producer, Jovi, produced by Le Monstre and directed by the ever creative Ndukong of February 16th films, is a package full with plenty of symbols and subtexts.

Ask yourself these questions as you watch the video.

  1. Why would Jovi be singing about the DEVIL and shooting a video in a catholic cathedral?
  2. Why would the video start with Jovi opening the door of the church with a white back light?
  3. Why such a song and catholic symbols (statues) in it?
  4. Why would Jovi throughout the video be wearing no other color but Black and White?
  5. Why would Jovi have a black material covering his eyes watching strippers on the television.
  6. Having multiples chains in his neck, why is the Africa map the largest?
  7. Why the red light in the interior scene?
  8. Why the too many still images.

All most all of Jovi’s songs have had very good and direct videos showing the story he is passing and a good example is, DON 4 KWAT and OU MEME. DEVIL NO DI SLEEP is a big contrast to all those periods in his music career as he places the audience in an open world with unanswered questions for them to read and fill the blank spaces.

Jovi happens to be that single rapper who is not affected nor moved with trend, his style and productions had always been the same. According to some people, the rap god is the only Cameroonian living the rap game and highly respected because of his ideology and point of view in the continent’s rap arena.

There is no doubt, Jovi is a replicate of Kendrick Lamar even though at times, some put him in the place of Kanye West. His recent moves have proven that, he sees things the same way  Kendrick Lamar does. DEVIL NO DI SLEEP has as many as four things you will agree with me that, Jovi and Kendrick Lamar have in Common.

Pay Attention to these.

  1. Dressing (legendary)
  2. Camera Attitude
  3. Social (always with team, mainly boys)
  4. Video quality (mainly simply with no effects)

The entire success of the video comes from the cinematography which alone allows one to listen and pay keen attention to Jovi’s punch lines without no too much cuts and effects.



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