For the past two years, there have been an increase in the number of artistes in Cameroon. Getting to the point where, people now think artists are more than fans the way churches these days are more than Christians. But the question here is, how many of these new corners are into showbiz to stay, what are they things they need to do to change people’s perception of not seeing them as music adventurers but life entertainers.

Music is not just all about having that elegant voice that people love and admire, for there is no need to be creative when you don’t have education combine to it. The significant of this article as you read is to educate and know how to brand yourself.

Branding is all about you standing out, if all the male artistes are keeping locks, you shave, if all the female artists are into dance-hall and Afropop, you go RnB or Rap, if everyone is creating a new name as their artistic names, use one or two of your real names, if all the female rappers don’t go crazy during video shoot, let your own be lit… People should know you with something different from others (for instance, Stanley Enow, is a rapper and one of the best stage performers). Dressing, hairstyle, anything – innovate your own.

Being an artist, is a mission you are undertaking, you must be familiar with two things, sociology and anthropology. For you to be an artiste, you must be able to first of all identify yourself as a sociologist and as an anthropologist (same rules for a film maker). That is, knowing the society which you are, the culture of the people, the culture of the other people you will be entertaining (sociology) and how they think, the things they like and hate (anthropology). This will help you, the artist again to know what kind of songs to release and when to release them. You can’t be in a society where people like Afro jams and you giving them salsa.

A good artist is a good observer.

PRIDE: if your name is Pride, change it to Bright. If Pride is a name of a dog you have, kill before it gives birth to puppies. As an upcoming artist, pride should be at the top list of the problems you summit for prayers weekly. This is the quickest killer of an artist career. Don’t be proud but let no one tamper over your dignity.

When finally, God has blessed you with fans which some artists are still to have, your priority that time it to keep them funky, alive, vibrant and promising. How do you do that? Because you have a song online, playing on Trace Africa, Trace Urban and Boom Tv should not make you forget the beautiful days you always had with your friends commenting and cracking jokes online.

When a fan has taken his time not only to like but to comment something intriguing on your post, fine time even late in the night when you know you are free and reply to it (a “THANK YOU…” or a LIKE) is very important. When you do such, you make him or her feel happy that he is talking with the star. You motivate them to always vote for you. This may be hard but try at least!

SOCIAL MEDIA: In case you don’t know, social media can take your career high within a year and can pull down your career just with a single tweet, share, post, comment or at times, even a like. Today, the social media is beautifully used by business organizations to sell and advertise their products – something you can still do if you master the craft to brand your art.

Put in mind that everything you see on Facebook is fiction. Today, artistes post things just to get people confuse, scare them, make them lost hopes. Don’t give up. Avoid to compare with some one based on his or her post. For an artist to post with a bigger star does not make him or her a star too! Keep your mind out of online competition. Statistics has shown that the most trending songs and artists were never publish online or barely created an impact online until when they were finally release. Your career shouldn’t be frighten by any post you scroll down and see.

You the artist should not be that kind that is too infatuated with fame, posting for fame so that people should know you are still in the game. Posting ten things every day that makes no sense is better than posting one thing a month that makes sense. Avoid unnecessary post, go online, read, if you think it is cool to like, like and move on.

The amount of likes and shares you have should not make you think you are in the game already for there is a long way still to go. Don’t be scared from people’s likes and shares. Today, people are selfish even to click on the like button which is not payable! Why, they don’t have the time to like. Not seeing 500 likes does not mean that your message hasn’t gone through. When you sponsor a page today online, they are two things that are happening. Some people like the Facebook sponsored page and don’t open just to let you see a notification that they have liked it while others won’t like the Facebook sponsored post but will go for the content. Which one do you prefer, the devil you see or the angel you don’t see?

Remember, it takes a fellow artist courage after going to watch a video of an artist and notices it dope and like and comment. At times, your song and video can frighten them not to like because they know it is dope and its hit and will over shadow them. Kill Jealousy if it is your neighbor!

Follow the online styles of Salatiel, Jovi, Mic Monsta, Charlotte Dipanda, Ewube, Reniss … who rarely post but the one time they post something, it has an impact.

INCONSISTENCY: You releasing a single online or let say a video and not blowing should never pull you down, as Mokambe will sing. The fact that you had the time to sit and write, pay a benskin and go to the studio, sit and watch other artistes record and finish before you sneak into the vocal box, borrow money and pay for the mastering and mixing and even exempt yourself from everything just to raise money to come with a video clip, means you have a call-in music. Repeat that three times with a good product in your hand and you will see the outcome. Why some of the artists don’t blow is because they are inconsistent. They want to release a song today and blow the following day. Not that it doesn’t happen, it does but if it doesn’t work for you, try again.

When you take music not just as a passion but as your job, the job you know will build that dream house for your family, you will see the different. Never give up, keep doing, when you fail correct it and do it again and finally, accepts criticisms. You are not late. Every artist has a space and time to shine. BE CONSISTENT.

DISS: Don’t embark on a journey that you know you can’t call for backup when it gets tough, don’t think dissing an artist that you know or replying him if he disses you will soil your name in the books of trending artists. No, it will only entertain your friends on social media and in the neighborhood.

They time and energy you use in writing a diss reply would have been the time and energy you could use to compose a hit song even getting inspired from the diss. Humility has been key to every door on earth with music not an exception. Take the case of Magasco for instance, there has been countless online tweets and posts about him from artists and people but he has never replied to anyone of them. That is because, he knows the market the and the society in which he lives. Take a star like Stanley Enow, all the insults and negative criticisms, he has never reply to one personally. When you are a humble artist, your fans fight for you. DON’T START WITH DISSING, PEOPLE SHOULDN’T KNOW YOU THROUGH DISSING.

LIES: fans are the first people that determine your stay or vanish from the face of entertainment. Lies telling, fake promises should not be a part of you. You are still making your way in. Every upcoming artist should behave like an American president in his first 100 days in office; keeping to promises, making good and promising speeches. All these, you are doing to secure a good place for the fans. You are winning their confidence, you are making them to believe they can trust in you, you are winning their hearts.

Avoid lies telling, the minutes you make a post about something just to wear the cap of respect in front of journalist to impress them and don’t keep to it, the minute you inspired the same journalist to finish your career. If they are one people you should make friends with all times, should be journalists, bloggers, Presenters, anything that has to do with media. Some African president remain in power not just because they want to but because they control the media. When you have the media, even those in the suburbs sees only you and don’t see your opponent. MAKE JOURNALISTS YOUR FRIEND.

NB: Have a team, work in a team no matter how small it is. The success of every team should be the spirit of understanding, togetherness, gold chasers, focus and believe. Make friends with people who speaks the same language like you do. There is no great film maker who hasn’t been an assistant on set, keeping down his pride and one time even being a clap man. Draw your scale of preference and know who you are to follow and who you must meet before the year ends. a very good example of team work is Jovi, Reniss, Ndukong, Tatapong (now the New Bell Music family) MAGASCO and DJ PAZZO (Now signed in Empire Company), Salatiel and Mr.Leo (Now working together in Alpha better Records) Daphne’s relationship with Stevens Music started way-way back, Locko was nothing when Big Dreams Entertainment signed him, Mink’s and Arch4Life. Artists like Kikoh, Mic Monsta, Ewube and others know what they are doing. They believe that together with their current labels, Blue Berry City, Kreef Entertainment, Omega Records, they will make it, same with the newly upcoming War Machine Music Entertainment team. It’s better to be during planting than during harvesting so that when you are eating, others won’t look at you with negative thoughts.

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