Magasco’s present wallpaper.

Celebrating his brother and producer’s birthday, Pazzo aka Sangtum on Wednesday, 6th 2017, Magasco later surprised the entire social media with his newly amazing photo session photos in Studio69 Douala-Cameroon.

This is one of Magasco’s first best photo shoot session after countless camera takes by Chuzih Dadido of Fantasy Arts. Accompanied his right-hand brother, the swag king as he calls him, the photos are very amazing with about four different costumes.

Magasco and brother!

Magasco happens to have updated his social media profile accounts with some and they are having very positive reactions from the public.

Always paying much attention to his taste and skin color, the colors of his costume matches that of his skin tone -That Caribbean sorts of beach colors of blue, brown and black.

Empire Company.

See pics below.

Magasco's present Profile picture
Magasco’s present Profile picture



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