On August 31th, Septembers 1st, September 2nd, September 6th and September 7, 2017, Cameroonian actor and film maker, Anurin Nwunembom popularly known as Artnurin, has been posting very sensitive and intriguing articles on social media for positive change.

Recently, the star actor has presented himself to the nation more as an activist in a country where her youths are at one point considers as the hope of the nation by the so-called leaders and are still been manipulated by them.

His words are beyond what any entertainer would sit in his home and share with a nation.

Read his latest authoritative article.

“Artist that I am, words fill my mind with painful interrogations every night and morning. what is the use of the education our parents gave us if they themselves cannot find the moral nerve and strength to solve problems caused by them?

Why our little brothers and sisters, children do not go to school is because our parents, (those in the ruling chair and their peers in the administrative chairs, those sages sitting in judiciary benches) have refused to accept the new sense of patriotism. That sense that states ‘do what is right and correct (constitutional and legal) for the good of the country’s future’ (not your personal private future and interests).
Administrators quote and apply the law in service of their personal agendas. applying force, intimidation and oppression where they are discovered. They refuse to educate the citizen about their constitutional rights so they can use their ignorance against them. You sacrifice too many young lives in the name of the state. you steal our futures and chances in the name of statehood.
you use our constitutions and laws to deprive us of a future we deserve. You have let us down. we have no today and tomorrow to wake up to dear leadership! we go to bed wondering what the despair of the next day will look like because you will and cannot solve the very solvable social problems.

You will not even allow our idle artist minds to contemplate your careless insouciance. but be mindful we are young and it is our futures you claim you are fighting for. now can you practice what you preach sincerely and honestly?

Give us back our futures and chances!
We want to live and lay our own foundations, build houses and found our own families so we can have enough time not to mess up our own children’s futures.

Pain is not a science.
Suffering is not an art.
Stop forcing us to get used to them.
I want to write and make movies about a country of great riches and green hills and fertile valleys, not bloody streets and ghosts towns.
Do the right thing. listen to the voice of reason and logic, not the voice of your ego and personal interest.”


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