Looking the life of a brand,  TATA PAUL 

Drinking the juice and throwing the husks – weak energy since in 2013 in BDA grinding with his number partner in the messianic mission R-Kay (KILOH), producer of most of his hit tracks, New Bell Music (NBM) imprint, Tata Paul Wiryung, known by his fans as Tata Paul (T.P), is a self-reflection of pop culture in the contemporary Cameroon rap biz.

A true character of legacy, living his dreams from the day GO! Born in BBH (Bans Baptist Hospital) from Nkambe – Ndu Sub Division in a small local village of MBIYEH, Tata Paul stand like no other Cameroonian artist in the game of rap.

Having been underground and giving back to back verse in many hits song produced back then in his home city, BDA, the young upcoming legend, since from 2013, with his few breakthroughs hit songs like BACK MARKET, ONE COBO, MAWA HOTEL ft. R-KAY all produced in 2013 imprinted his name in the streets of BDA as one pf the best rappers with sick flows and rhyme schemes.

Been able to fuse his own genre of music, blending “Njang” and hip-hop, T P has been name as the best “Contri-Talk” rapper in Cameroon since he joined the New Bell Music family. Nothing for anything has been able to clear him off that style not even the most trending style.

Having that poetic flow in his verses, T.P perplexes his rap mates anytime he drops songs cause the dude has never change from his old ways of spitting witty but sensible verses. His first drop from NBM “CONTRI BOY” remixed by Pascal & Tilla, was one of his first hit to sell him out to the world. Very good at saying things the way he sees them, he was at one time said to be influence by Jovi’s realistic style – uncensored lyrics.

Jovi still keeping T.P has post many questions to fans after Tilla, Shey and Pascal left. Many has come to the conclusion that, not only seeing him as his brother which they others were, Tata’s originality, his prowess has proven to Jovi that he is the best in what he’s doing and will be the best in the world.

Still ripping with NBM, he released his 2017 record, “ICI” few months ago ft. a NBM artist Lor, an urban pop jams produced by Le Monstre. The question we ask ourselves is, when will NBM shoot a solo video nor produce a solo hit for Tata? Now that Tata is the only male new breed in the label, will Jovi invite him on a record?

Listen to Tata’s ICI ft. Lor.



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