Do you remember the line in a song Tilla said “Girls we nova dem” (girls we are not fooled)? For obvious reasons, Tilla believes in the school of thought that women have the major voice for change in any situation.

Prior to the recent happenings in the country and especially the 22nd September 2017 Peaceful Match by the Anglophones in the North and South West regions and even in the Diaspora, Tilla, number one female reggae goddess and rapper, A God Mother artist, signed her name among the vibrant youths seeking for change and peace in her nation.

Following a trilogy release of her records with one title CRIMINAL, she used it as a hash tag just as any person on the street that day – not criminals.

“This doesn’t make me a #Criminal,I grew up in these streets. I am your #BestFriend.#Bamenda #Ghanamustgo🍀🍀🍀 #Onelove #Peace

Follow Tilla on her Facebook page Tilla Tafari and get her every update. Download the Trilogy HERE

…and may the soul of those killed rest in the hands of God.

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