African Cinematography Festival ambassadors
African Cinematography Festival ambassadors

As days go by, Cameroonian filmmakers though with low budgets, still produce standard movies with superb ideas as compare to other sponsored industries in Africa. And because of their consistency and endless effort employ into it, the country has been chosen as one of the representatives of the first ever African Cinematography Festival, having two ambassadors.

AFRICA CINEMATOGRAPHY FESTIVAL (ACF) is an annual 6day conference for Training and a uniting point for Nigerian/African University Students, would-be young entrepreneurs, film making industry players, stakeholders and interested participants.

African Cinematography Festival Family
African Cinematography Festival Family

The event coming up this year in the second weeks of November will take place this in Nigeria. Happening for the first time in Africa and in its first edition, Cameroon has been granted two seats as ambassadors to the event.

Not only branded as ambassadors to this year’s event for the young and vibrant Cameroon, whose cinema industry is gradually gaining momentum across the continent, the two female ambassadors will carry upon their shoulders the responsibilities as communication officers in order to fashion Cameroon’s face during the 6 days continental gathering and sharing the culture and idea of Cameroon’s method and techniques of film making to the students and participants.

All veterans and bigwigs in the industry, Ayuk Tambi, an already screen sticker and mother to the talented little Mayohchu Atem- Ebai, is an actress who has stars in many home movies such as; VIRI, U-TURN, A LITTLE LIE A LITTLE KILL and two acclaimed and award-winning films: NIGHTFALL and LIFE POINT.

Accompanying her is another Cameroonian star actress; Sah Lizzette who has stars in both feature films and television series. Known for her screen name as Liz Benz, she has stars in AGAINST MY WILL, DEVIL’S TAKE, SMOKE SCREEN, RUMBLE, LIFE POINT, TEST ME, BAD ANGLE, RED MARK and many more.

With Christa Eka Assam, Francoise Ellong paving the way, women are becoming more and more interested and contributing to the growth of the Film Industry in Cameroon. Ayuk Atem-Ebai and Liz Benz will need not to let anything distract them during the 6 days conference, for its going to be of huge benefit not just for them but to the country when they both return with the new techniques.


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