It is never when you entered showbiz but how you entered Showbiz. Tenor, one of Cameroon’s fastest rapper who made his mega hit DO LE DAB only last year 2016 and has since then been painting the walls of his house with awards, is said to have signed a deal with Universal Music France.

Still preparing to make it public by organizing a press conference so as to give a full detail of the deal whether it is a distribution deal or an artistic deal, Tenor started the anticipation earlier this week with lots of exciting post and even changing his Facebook Profile picture to I’M ON A NEW LEVEL, leaving everyone on suspense.

The story was then made official on Facebook by some of his close friends with numerous tags and congratulation messages. When one of our correspondent managed to ask him some questions on a Facebook chat concerning the deal, he said there will be an exclusive release on it soon with details.


Tenor is one of the craziest and talented artist presently leading in Cameroon. His shine to the top will not be a strange news to some because he is an hardworking and a creative kid. A lot of people have been preaching and hoping to see the young star get a nomination at the next MTV AWARDS.

Stay connected with Tenor on his Bad level


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