Still to let the public know what happened to the anticipated but-never released album “WomenWillChangeAfrica” Gasha releases the official music video for “We Still Dey” ft Nabil with an all brand-new look directed by one of the first female video director, Tata Pong Bayela of NBM.

“We Still Dey” is a love song. The essence of life is LOVE…and the world is constantly fascinated by its ups and downs. This is the second track from Gasha’s LP “Polish Shaft”. “We still dey” is an expression in English Pigin or Guinea coast Creole which translates to a concept of having each other’s back. It can be thought of as “holding each other down”. It literally means, “WE ARE STILL HERE”‘ The Collaboration with one of Cameroon’s Hiphop Legend and Radio personality Nabil4real brings out the beauty in intentional lyrics and continues to represent as one of the finest MC’s and king of radio” – Gasha’s post on YouTube.

Watch, share like and comment.


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