Under the patronage of the CoreUnit Group, a group of professional film makers, producer and directors…in Cameroon, the ROOTSFOLKTURE ACTORS GYMNASIUM, an acting skill spill, aimed at professionalizing and training professional and want-to-be actors in speech, articulation, stage movement, martial arts etc. comes to an end with each participant receiving a certificate.

After so much appraisals to the team and the participants when the workshop was ongoing, Mokom Willston, a professional make-up artist and member of the CoreUnit Group, pasted his deepest love and appreciation on behalf of the group to the participant and the team that made it possible despite the quandaries in the city.

Read Mokom’s post.

“Rootsfolkture Actors’ Gymnasium 4 could not have been successful without a collective participation of friends and stakeholders who crave for a professional industry that can stand competition. We want to thank the regional delegation of Arts and Culture, Buea, for the support. The CoreUnit Group for the initiative. Anurin Nwunembom for his endless quest to share his knowledge for the growth of the industry. Duala Duala Ekoko for bringing in his expertise in stage combat. Elvis Njodzeka, Elie Etta Oben, Becky Agbor Takang, Ngong Tatiana Teh, Fonjock Durang, Egbe Eleanor Enow, Fred Atabong, Njong Theodoris Teh, Kuissu Bouga Yvonne, Filden Mojoko, Brenda Haddison, Ngengwe Toumeko Larissa, Sharon Dione, Sonita Yufenyuy, Helen Nchung, Jamila, Fonde Collins, Akeelah Clems, Tambe Raphael Efim, Stanley Kum, Lateh Dilane, Njingu Marion , Beckline Prince etc. For their determination to get equipped for the fast-growing industry. KamerFlow Magazine, Celestine Tabot, Agbor Obed ,Ngwane Hansel, Yibain Emile Aime Chah (Ancestor), Itambi Delphine, Achille Brice Eteki ,Noella Dinga. They Worked hard in disseminating information. Messi Robert for the encouragement”.

Mokom Willston Muluh.


The just ended ROOTSFOLKTURE ACTORS’ GYMNASIUM which was just the first face of the group’s program for this year before the start of the ArtCity Short Film Festival, has not only celebrated a good number of participants but has celebrated the introduction of new and fresh minds with dynamic acting skills into the cinema industry, trained in almost all the techniques actors usually lacks in incarnating roles when scripts are distributed.

Updates on ArtCity Short Film Festival coming…

See more pics below.


  1. With all due respect to Kamerflow Magazine, I love what you guys are doing but please take the time to understand that this festival is not name “ArtCity Short Film Festival” by mistake. You keep writing it everywhere on your blog as Arts city short film festival. ArtCity is one word and that’s an artistice code the creators aim to keep. Even on their website. Please get the right spellings and don’t just invent your own. Thanks for understanding. Respect and admiration for your hustle.

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