The rise of the Cameroonian urban music is not slowing down, and it is increasingly difficult to get noticed among the fuzz of artists that have crowded the space.

This is however, not a concern to one of the most promising voices of Cameroonian song, Chilli Wawaye.

The sassy and sultry vocalist has carved a niche for herself by crafting an intelligent mélange of urban afrobeats with traditional rhythms and chants from the North West province -a genre she calls “Urban Njang”.

And the public loves it. After releasing hit underground songs such as “My Heritage” and “HAYO” She became one of the first Cameroonian singers to undertake a successful American tour without a label or management team, purely on demand of her adoring followers. Her magnetism irresistible!

Fast forward a few months, Chilli has re-organised herself with a new team, new management, and established a partnership with new label, Alice Austin – to produce her bet work yet – OVADON.

The scintillating love song is produced by Blaise B (Akwandor), with visuals directed by Cameroon’s finest director, Dr Nkeng Stevens. It celebrates love in its purest and most vulnerable form, while promoting her local Njang dance in an uptempo afrobeats club banger.

Chilli Wawaye joins a roster of admirable artists from Bui (Nso), including Mr Leo and Richard kings, who are charting a new course for Cameroonian music. But she has demarcated herself admirably by connecting to her fans with the strongest tool – her culture. A culture she is determined to promote beyond the borders of Cameroon and Africa, to the world.

Watch OVADON and you will be blown away by this young talent who is firmly representing her culture.


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