Profile & Personal Life

Mayohchu was born on the 16th of June 2009. She is an 8-year-old dedicated Actress and Model. She is the 3rd of 5 kids and the only girl, born to Atem Ebai Jerome a Chartered Accountant and Tabi Ayuk Atem-Ebai also an actress and an HR professional. She has four lovely brothers’ namely Fritz-Jarvis, Martin-Lawrence, Dylan-Jerome and Jeff-Clinton. Currently schooling at Gateway Bilingual Nursery and Primary School in Bonaberi, Douala and a pupil of Class 4. Fluent in both English and French

She has starred in several award-winning movies like E DO and Nightfall and attended several modelling events participating on the runway. She was the winner of the Best Young Talent award organized by The African Film Festival in the USA, Dallas for the year 2016 and has been nominated as Best Child Actress to the upcoming Cameroon Movie Achievement Award (CAMAA), she is also a model and recently has started working and practicing her vocals for music.

She dually pursues acting and modelling as well as music as a career without jeopardizing education as her dad says this is a key to her success in the acting career.

Years present: 2014 – To date

Acting Career


Her acting career kicked off in 2014 with her role in Nightfall. Since then she has appeared in eight (8) other productions (Feature, short films and TV series) in which she played lead roles in most. She won best young talent award in The African Film Festival which took place in the USA with the short Movie E DO. She also starred in the award-winning movie, NIGHTFALL (Best Movie 2015 in Ecran Noire Film Festival and RATU Festival) where she played a lead role. Mayohchu is considered one of the most amicable, amazing and sought-after, as well as one of the youngest actresses in Cameroon who has a visible impact on young stars and has motivated many parents to get their kids into showbiz.  Her role model is her mother who is also an actress. She is open to more challenging roles and is vary daring.

Selected Filmography

Modelling Career

Years present: 2015 – To date

Mayohchu’s modeling career kicked off in 2015 when she participates in the first edition of Urban Jamz Award and Buea Fashion Week, since then she participated in other runways like SAMBA series runway, Bamenda Fashion Week casting, several photoshoots with renowned Photographers like Kelly B, Nji Asonganyi, Njukeng Pro etc. Has modeled outfits for designers such as We Trend Ankara (Official Model), Kolo Designs, Afriq fashion trend etc.

Selected Modelling Event

Music Career

Stanley Enow and Mayohchu

Years present: 2017 – To date

Mayohchu’s music just started this year when she did a cover (with Salatiel) of Toi et Moi by Salatiel. This cover was done together with Salatiel and uploaded on her Facebook page with over 2,800 views and over 14,000 views and 1,500likes on Salatiel -Musician facebook page.  She also did a cover of Calee by Daphne with over 5,300views on Salatiel -Musician facebook page. She is preparing to start music classes and has writing her first song (together with her best Friend) yet to be produced.



RATU FESTIVAL Cameroon   2015 Best movie 1st place Nightfall

Ecran Noir Festival Cameroon 2015 (Best Movie; Nightfall)

The African Film Festival USA, Dallas 2016 (Best Young Talent with the Short Film E Do)

Official Links: Youtube Channel: Mayohchu Official MC, Facebook Page: Mayorchu Offcial

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