Bars, lyrics and culture are the three main keys (secrets) Jovi have that has continue to keep him faraway from other rappers in Cameroon. In his last album titled “16 WIVES”, released on February 2017, the Cameroonian rapper and producer of New Bell Music based in Yaoundé, dished out some of the most rated tracks with originality, recording the highest shots pointing on everyone and targeting none.

In MAN PASS MAN 3, second track in the album, in an imaginary beat with too much of action movie keys, pianos and snares, Jovi like in MAN PASS MAN 1 in the HIV album, highlighted himself as the author of MBOKO, which happens to be the main genre, style, lot of Cameroonian rappers are currently inspired from.

In the track (MAN PASS MAN 3), Jovi released very sickening lines; more like things that are making him go mad in the industry and how people look down on him. Another track Jovi came out clear is FREE MUSIC, the very first track in the album. In FREE MUSIC, Jovi revisited his literature notes, and being euphemistic in his lines, he explained how respecting the culture has always been his motivation, and how he released and uploaded EPS for free and organized free shows, all that, he says he did it for the culture.

In Track 13, titled TOM YOMS, it will only interest you to hear what Jovi have for the bloggers who discredits his works and efforts – something he rarely does in his songs. In his other songs like MONGSHUNG, OU MEME, SUX, CHUKUBA, WORKMANSHIP, WHY GOD and finally HOSPITAL BILLS, where he placed an imagery short film setting in the minds of his fans about his sister’s last moments in the hospital, he jumped on social ills, carelessness, religious believes and neglects in the society.

TAKE NOTE: JOVI has released 5 albums and 14 EPS, something a Cameroonian rapper of his generation is yet to do.


“If Mboko na religion na me a write the Bible” MAN PASS MAN 3

“There’s no living body on earth that can match my skills” FREE MUSIC

“Le Complexe est comme une prison” MONGSHUNG

“No curse me turn back hide na hide for talk sorry” CHUKUBA

“for this ground for die cheap pass for remain alive” MAD LOVE/ HOSPITAL BILLS

“I no fit blame award show weh e be na 2 years old, better make a give them time for them for grow for understand the flow” MAN PASS MAN 3

“Men dem wan make with me like my time dong pass” SUX

“I build ma first studio time weh a reach 23” FREE MUSIC

“I dong make all kind ep uplaodam na for free” FREE MUSIC

“Na me makam now so Mboko no get boundary instead of hate my brother you should thank me” WHY GOD

“I finish build house men them want treat me like a guess” MAN PASS MAN 3

“I di comot studio only time wey a get for sh**t” MAN PASS MAN 3

“No bet against me si ka say you go lost” WORKMANSHIP

“All perika them for mboko di follow my step” CHUKUBA

“All the bloggers are the new critics talking showbiz even talking lyrics. Keep my name on your blog you won’t get no trophy. Jealousy no di hide from here we can feel it” TOM YOMS

“That bill wey doctor callam sometime that man go collam” MAD LOVE / HOSPITAL BILLS.

“You might have money but you got no class” WORKMANSHIP

Take a moment and visits one of Jovi’s most historic video.


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