What else could be better than a rapper taking out time and serving his fans with a straight forward freestyle video on his very own birthday?

Young Fame of Nebangu Muzik, the rapper from Bamenda pulled out a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge mobile phone to keep his fans excited with his new freestyle entitled TCHAK. He drops hot bars on former Bad Boy records rapper “Black Robe’s” famous song he released in 2000 entitled WHOA. Young Fame spits raw bars, very hot that his fans will definitely say he’s back and “we want more”!

 Happy Birthday YOUNG FAME and keep loving your fans and dedicating your time and lovely talent to them. We love and celebrate you today.


  1. its about time we started getting that old feel to hip hop back. you shouldnt have left the game for so long young fame…. damn that song is real as it get. happy earthday bwai

  2. thats what i call real street muzik. the beat takes me back in time to when hiphop was all about the flow, great flow made the beat a classic some 17 years ago. today the one n only Young Fame juz rebirthed the song and bang its a classic again… good one bruh…happy G day to the realest in the underground!! stay #savayge #tchak #NebanguMuzik

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