Incest and sexual assault by family members whom we trust is a common but unaddressed issue in our society today. This is often due to societal pressure, fear, guilt, not knowing who to talk to, where to get support, the urge to protect the abusers reputation and the fear of not being believed.

More often than not the abusers are not brought to justice and are therefore free to carry out this same sinful act over and over on new victims. This is our sad reality especially in African- Caribbean community.

After creating major buzz in the UK and Douala, the movie which features actors from the UK, Cameroon and Nigeria is set to hit the big screen of the country’s capital Yaoundé at the prestigious Hilton Hotel on the 2nd of December 2017 at 6:30p.m.

Drawing from a true life story of a young lady who had been abused by a family member but didn’t speak up till she was abused again, UK based Cameroonian Producer Roseline Fonkwa Moundjongui developed the movie concept for Breach of Trust. It is a UK (NelsonSpyke) /Cameroon (Nkanya Nkwai) directed movie that tells the story of two families in different locations experiencing the same predicaments of sexual abuse by one member of the family to a young vulnerable female member of that family. These abusers are in a position of trust but they break this trust when they make the decision to abuse their helpless young girls hence the title “BREACH OF TRUST”.

It an Epic story which explores how we perceive incest as a taboo and cover up abusers rather than stand up to them and end the cycle. It is filled with raw emotion and takes the viewer into the mind of an abused kid while sounding the trumpet for a call to action against this societal worm that is quietly feeding on our young ones.

The ultimate goal of the movie Breach of Trust is to raise awareness in our communities and let people feel safe to talk about this issue, deal with it and signpost people to where they can get support. The producer has taken it a step further by registering an association in Cameroon and the UK called Voice of Hope to help victims of sexual Abuse and families. This is a center that will provide counseling, education and other forms of support.

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