It’s all about diverting and showing off your skills guys! Cameroonian US based afropop singer and lyricist drops his debut reggae love jam produced by the very best Method J.

You  judge someone as the best by not judging just from only one part of him. Tirajai proves to his fans that their choice of artiste as fans will not lead them into a pit as he goes contrary to his usual afro-soul style to a different world of love.

CIRCLES is a song full with so much energy from it beats to the lyrics that puts more pressure and sense on the subject, being “conflicting love”.

“One outstanding creative aspect of Tirajai’s music is the fact that he never stays in the confines of one genre when writing/composing a song coupled with the creative vocal technique . “Circles” is a fusion of #Reggae and a slice of low tempo #EDM to paint a picture of his past relationships which he believes is the reality many people are caught up in today . In other words , “Circles” tells a story of this girl that has a guy that loves her so much but she is in love with another guy who loves some else.” – Tirajai


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