Breaking this morning, the BlueBerry City was pissed off to find out online about the illegal release of Kikoh’s new single NGRIMBA programmed for the 10th December alongside the official video of for his second record and video, Deposer.

What a knock on the head for the team for the song was suppose to come out as surprise, a gift to the nation to celebrate this period with. As it stands, the song whose cover or release date wasn’t made public, is ironically having positive comment on the site it is leak.

“NGRIMBA is another word for witchcraft. NO BRING THAT NGRIMBA FOR HERE simply means…. DON’T BRING YOUR WITCHCRAFT NEAR-BY.  With the recent happening in our country HASTAGS like #WITCHCRAFT has been commonly used.  Such #HASTAGS did inspire KIKOH to drop a few lines by defying all odds on this heavy instrumental produced by SANGTUM NGRIMBA is partially narrating a part of KIKOH’s lif, acknowledging the challenges he has gone through to get to this level and cautioning any hindrance that might come his way.” BLUEBERRY CITY


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