These are songs bigger than the Cameroon market and the country made no use of them.

The spectrum at which artistes at times think makes their fans to think they are either not moving towards the right direction or loosing it. Cameroonian artistes are being force by their fans to do songs that will please them and not what can brand their names at the international market.

The Cameroon music is fast evolving but the fans are still finding it hard or adamant to adapt to the change because they already have a stereotype feeling they want and when a song is release contrary to their expectation, their reaction toward the song starts finding its way back to lake Oku.

Since the starts of 2016/2017, a handful of songs have been released but very few were welcomed in the industry due to;

  • Its professionalism
  • Its innovation
  • Its wrong promotion

Below are the 6 few songs we found. Comment the name of a song you think was to blow but didn’t, lets all get to know.

Locko – Thank You Lord. WATCH

Salatiel – Femme De Ma Galere. WATCH

Neglect – Fool 4 U. WATCH


Mr.Elad – Yamo +  Chakara. WATCH

Wax Dey – 360-degree ft Nasty – C. WATCH

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