Earlier this week Popular Cameroonian rapper, the best and the realest from the city of Bamenda aka Ngomgham Bwaii, represented in the Kamer rap game by stage name of BLUEPRINT HAKEEM, dropped a controversial statement on his official facebook and twitter pages that he will be releasing a very controversial song this week, on Wednesday 13th.

The statement published by the rapper on his page sparked controversy instantly and took a turn for mixed reactions from fans and other artists when yesterday he released the artwork for the song. The artwork stipulated that the song would be a cover on the popular song “YOU RAPPERS SHOULD FIX UP YOUR LIVES” by M.I Abaga, one of Africa’s greatest ever rappers.

The original song which sparked immediate media controversy somehow became an instant inspiration for the Cameroonian rapper from Nebangu Muzik who seems to have had enough with the fact that his fellow Anglophone artists have in recent years abandoned the culture of English music and now sing more French than English in their music as a motive for greater exposure and capturing the French markets, a sentiment that the ‘God Of Ngomgham’ has denied to co-sign with, claiming in his recent interviews and on his social media accounts that it is destructive to the English music culture and even went on to point out the fact that it makes the English artist look lost in a music industry where the French speaking artists do not see the need to prioritize English in their songs.

Upon announcing the songs coming, which is being waited for by fans and critics, the controversial and highly versatile artist went on to put up a sample art with a picture of Apollo (the Greek mythological god of music) which instantly sparked another topic of argument between fans who know the significance of the picture and those who were just plain scared in the face of a god.
However you want it, Blueprint, being one of the fastest upcoming acts in the industry today just passed a message out with this art and it is clear that this time he is no longer the god of Ngomgham but the god of the Kamer rap game and the chosen one to rescue the dying hiphop sector of the Cameroon rap game and he intends to do so by staying true and religious to the game while at the same time exposing every flaw with the rest of the other kamer rap artists who have decided to betray their English culture by raping  in another language or totally switching from rappers to singers, all in French language in the hope that it will help them breakthrough easily.
The king of controversy will in a couple of hours from now give us a feel of the dark sides of his “illmind” in his highly anticipated “Fix-up Your Life” cover for the song originally performed by choc boys chairman, M.I.
Till it drops let’s wait for it and hope out of straight honesty Mr Hakeem goes not go overboard to ruffle a few feathers but rather turn some of these rappers turned singers turned francophone back to the right direction and rearrange the rap game once and for good.


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