Like he warned us earlier, it actually is a controversial song that takes aim at every English-speaking Cameroonian artist in general and rappers in particular who have suddenly switched to rapping/singing in French in the hope that they will sell more records and become more mainstream if they dropped their English identity in greater favour of a more French oriented style of music.

It’s no news that for some time now every English-speaking artist in the game has suddenly started doing more French lyrics in their songs than they do their own language and even though the songs actually do sell them out to the French markets, they are slowly killing the Anglophones musical identity, something the English fans have been worried about for so long now.

The Bamenda rapper holds nothing back on this one as he pulls out every other rapper who has switched allegiance to the French rap and calls them all, “sickle cell rappers who need Kontri medicine” he also makes it clear in the song that it is not about the language but the power of your music and the lyrical strength of your rhymes. Everybody else who is a fan of real music will identify with this as an honest fact being stated by the outspoken daredevil. And as a challenge to those who might feel some type of way because of his straight forward nature, he goes on to rap “Wizkid and Davido cam for Douala the concert be flop them be sing na for French?” honestly , I think this line here is as true as it can ever get because seemingly the highest selling acts now in the African music scene are English speaking artists so why will our own English speaking artists in Cameroon all of a sudden want to become French is a show of how short-sighted they are and how much they beg to be accepted by a French following which really doesn’t care about what language your music is made in.

This song has the power to stir up a great deal of controversy because seemingly those artists guilty of the language switch and in dire need of the Blueprint Fix will be in their feelings now and this could lead them to lash out at the outspoken MC.

Check out the song here: LISTEN!

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