While others scramble to give us same beats and same flow, Buea based upcoming young talent Giji, dishes out the official audio of his new subconscious melody, a song whose directions stands out  and distanced from every other artist in the industry.

“this is the new brand I intent to come up with, I just want to do something different” JIGI

Fight Every Fight is a howling song, full with lots of question marks he directs to his supposed dead father why he left without talking, why he left without leaving him no option. The song hint on the very importance of son and father love. Emotionally touched and carried away by his flow, the song will leave every fan of his to always check out his new releases.

Just like every poet reveals the message of his poem at the end of the last two lines in the stanza, you will understand Jigi meanings only toward the end of the verse.


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