It’s the end of the season with a seasoned melody from Mokambe, Cameroon US based afro-gospel singer, dishing out his end of year hit MIGHTY, a record rich in its melody, lyrics and instrumentals produced by Buea based producer PAYNE and mastered by artiste /producer, AKWABDOR (Blaise B)

Mighty is a song that is meant to celebrate God, and in this beautiful piece of music, Mokambe recognizes God as the giver of life.  He advises the masses to always take a minute off their time to count their blessings.  Mokambe uses the French language to reach to his fans all over the country. While in trouble and misery God will always be there. He will never let you down. All he needs from us is a brief moment of thanks from our time. – Mokambe

The song is just the one song lovers of both gospel music and African music will like because of its cross-national touch and flavor rooted in it by the producers.

Enjoy the new year by Downloading, liking, sharing and commenting on the song.


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