On Thursday, December 28th ,2017, Magasco expressed himself on how much work he had to put in to come up with his magical debut album Golden Boy.

Having been in music for more than 10 years today, the Yaoundé based artist said within the furrows of the 14 songs, is his heart, his mind and everything about him as far as his music career is concern. After numerous singles, GOLDEN BOY is his second biggest project following the topnotch RAW GOLD EP in 2016, which recorded a lot of success.

GOLDEN BOY is poised with 14 records, 10 new hits featuring the legendary, JACQUE GREG BELOBO, Afropop superstar LOCKO, Empire Company upcoming queen MIMIE and Togolese voice goddess, SENZAA. Full with lots of local colors, chemistry and fines , the album is one of the most versatile album a Cameroonian afropop artist has ever released, fusing every genre of music banging across the nation; Makossa, Bikutsi, Salsa, Rumba, Afrobeat, Ndombolo, Njang and what have you.

SOKOTO is an afropop hit, fused with Cameroonian ancient Makossa guitar and jazz grooves. The song takes lovers of Cameroonian music back to the era of the legendary Kotto Bass, Dina Bell, Tom Yoms. Magasco brings the nostalgia of what Cameroonian music was. Heavily instrumented with not only modern plugins, the song is one of Magasco’s live-crazy records. Being the first record in the album, the star is not only making promises to her woman but uses the latter as metaphor to talk to his fans about his album content to be of good quality and SET for the world. “All thing na Sokoto” … a phrase he uses very much in the song to emphasis on his mission. The Sokoto Magasco calls all through the song has nothing to do with the beautiful Nigerian city called Sokoto, but the beautiful piece of cake he has ready for world’s consumption “Golden Boy”.

Just as any updated and followed up artist, Magasco falls more in njang and afrobeat in the second record “UNDER MY BED”. Same thing he did with Zamba, a song dedicated to the most High (God), UNDER MY BED is another good melody the star uses to thank God for his gift of life, his arts and his crafts. In the song, Magasco is talking of being naturally blessed and gifted with no supernatural or magical powers influencing his arts. As an artist, he remains gifted and keeps no special powers for his creativity. In the song, Magasco rings the phone of Cameroonian producer extraordinaire Sangtum, after he finished working the beats who (Sangtum) was able to give the feeling and goose bumps everyone will stand on his feet when the songs come up. In as much as contemporary music is gradually making away with the originality of Cameroon music, Magasco in UNDER MY BED, makes sure he brings the knowledge of his country music back to life – Makossa and Bikutsi. “Juju no dey under ma bed, this one na God” amazing just to know that the star is one of the few young artists who will make pledges and respect them. Just before the release of the album, he made a public statement promising to bring Cameroon music back. In the album, you find nothing different from what he promised.

Still topping amongst the first three romantic and fashioned artists in Cameroon, he goes ahead in BELLA to praise and put the beauty of the Africa woman on the world map. BELLA is produced by Nigerian renown afrobeat killer, WILLBEATS, giving it the real afrobeat color and dancehall groove. In the song, Bella that happens to be the name of the queen in the song and the title, got Magasco confused amongst other pack of girls. Magasco’s lust cold be liken to ANTHONY’s infatuation the very first time he set eyes on CLEOPATRA in Egypt. If there’s one thing one should underline about Magasco, it should be that the star is a cute lover boy who will not see any opportunity to snatch a girl and leave it slip off his fingers. “Na Kongossa weh them know… them no get anything them fit do” – A fan of his posted on social media that if women should stop to exist, Magasco might stop to sing.

Following Bella, he dives into another love scene in BENDEH. BENDEH is a complete afrobeat groove celebrating the beauty of African women. In the song, SANGTUM didn’t forget to bring out its local color by calling on the forefathers of Njang in the song. Bendeh is definitely the masterpiece that covers the entire album. In as much as every record in the song stands out with a unique taste, Bendeh is a crazy hit, a jam and a nostalgic touch of the grassfield rhythms. Contrary to Bella, Bendeh though another hit dedicated to the African queens, is a summer jam that is the combination of both afrobeats and Njang.  The song will leave you dancing even when the speakers stop playing.

Jacques Greg Belobo

First collaboration. ZAMBA (GOD) is the first song of Magasco’s album he invites the French legendary choral vocalist, JACQUE GREG BELOBO, who plays the role of God talking to his people. ZAMBA is the song the star has use to step aside from other artists of his generation. Magasco uses Zamba not only to tell the world what is going in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon, but also to imprint his legacy in a foreign land on a foreign language. In the song, the star sings in Ewondo, a language from one of the prominent tribes of the capital city, Yaounde. Produced by both Magasco and Sangtum, Zamba has been able to earn the super stars much respect across the globe especially from those in the Diaspora who beg and pray to God for the restoration and peace between the English-speaking regions and the ruling regime. The song has the powers that one can  make one close his eyes, listens to it and feel tears rolling down his cheeks unconsciously. An embodied heavenly melody enchanted with very touching words and voices from two great artists.  Zamba is an attire wore on GOLDEN BOY album that will make everyone think of the album when he thinks of Zamba.

If Magasco is said to be missing anytime, find him where love lives. After talking to the public by lifting God as the only means to settle disputes in ZAMBA, he goes ahead to respect the creation of women, as the giver of babies and seamstress of lifeless bodies. MANUELLA is a beautiful name for every beautiful princess. Where Magasco usually takes his titles (especially female names) remains an unanswered question. If Magasco is asked to be given super powers to create things, he will take the powers of creating beautiful queens. Just as UNDER MY BED, BELLA, BENDEH, ZAMBA and now MANUELLA, Magasco joins head with Sangtum to produce this master piece – now you know why he bounces on them with no pain. Unlike ZAMBA which is a letter of complain to God, MANUELLA is the aftermath he assumes will be colorful when the truce is made and love is return in the country.

Still a production of Magasco with the collaboration of Sangtum, SEXUAL HEALING takes u back to Magasco’s debut international hit song, FINE BOY. He reminds us of the old Magasco by given something similar and involving the dancehall with an amazing innovation. The beats and production of Sexual Healing is definitive, perfect and colorful. Still a love song, Magasco exposes his deepest feelings in the track. Sexual Healing is a perfect party summer jam that will have everyone dance to it when it plays especially when it is performed live because of its well instrumented polished, fine piano, guitar and jazz combination.


Second collaboration in the album. PARDON should be yours after you are done listening to the sweet 14 hits. Introducing, Magasco welcomes Empire’s striking queen, MIMIE on his second album collabo. Mimie is pain in the finger not to play with. The beautiful Cameroonian artist is one of the few who slays and slay with her talent. She didn’t just feat to allow Magasco kill her on the track but killed it alongside Magasco. Produced by Magasco’s music son, Master Roboster, a slowly but surely upcoming African hit maker, you should listen to Magasco’s discussion with Mimie and pay attention to her replies to Magasco. “PARDON” is French word meaning “Please” when one is begging for forgiveness. Probably Magasco had cheated on Mimie with his numerous girlfriends and is now begging for forgiveness. Haba! Mimie you should forgive this time na sister! If you are a lover of good music, PARDON should never be deleted from your phone.


Magasco’s third collaboration is with Big Dreams Entertainment’s heavyweight, LOCKO. This is the first time the longtime friends are dropping a song together. Before now, Magasco and Locko had both covered each other’s song. A true identity of Cameroon music. A song that touches all the four corners of the country from north to south and from east to west banging like none ever in the country. COME WE STAY is a refurbished urban Bikutsi hit. The song is covered and spurred with so much of African drums, snares, jazz and guitars. The song has everything Cameroon. In the album Golden Boy, majority of Magasco’s songs are live-motivated. COME WE STAY is a song Magasco is calling on his girl to come so that they could start a family. Finding a lover when you are broke is the worst thing to ever happen to a man. As a broke nigger, He goes ahead begging her to remain so that they can stay and wait for brighter and blossom days ahead. To perfect the song, Magasco invites Douala afrobeat singer, Locko to come add his romantic lines – which he did. Are you a good dancer or love dancing? You should thank Sangtum for this creation.

Already released, MOVE YOUR BODY is the 11th record in the album. Produced by all the three-official album producers, Magasco, Sangtum and Master Roboster, MOVE YOUR BODY is a club banger with so much to give as the night club is concern. The song has a lot of positive remarks as well as criticism as a copy of Jason Derolu’s Trumpet, the song has its own unique vibe and standard feeling of advanced afrobeat different from every other Trumpet songs. If Jason Derolu had not done something to do with Trumpet, Magasco would probaby titled the song TRUMPET. Still on his love jacket, the love engineer is making himself available in the song for every beautiful damsel. If one should have to pick out the song within the 14 songs to have a video first, Move Your Body is just the perfect track to be shot from the album. This is a new Magasco in a new year 2018 and everything about his songs this year is live orientated.


On a similar note, Magasco invites fourth and last artist in the album, SENZAA, a Togolese vocal goddess. Because of its cross-national feeling, Magasco titles it AFRICAN BOOTY, which for him is a means to get the attention of the continent. Still on a similar note, part of AFRICAN BOOTY could be likened to Locko’s NDUTU due to it usage of the trending plugin in the production of the song. This is the second track of the 14 records produced by a none-Kom producer; The Dreamer. In African Booty, Magasco exclaims on Senzaa’s love and booty and promises to be her guard & to always stand by her. Should a guy stand beside a woman like Magasco, Titanic should not be termed a fictional movie because true love truly exists and Magasco is championing it. African Booty is a love anthem.

Becoming who he is today, the root he comes from, the people he was with before now place amongst the kings of afrobeat, Magasco takes us back to his first job “Okrika” seller. There’s a believe that people from his tribe resident in Yaounde are good at selling “Okrika” goods. Okrika is a Port Town in River State, Nigeria. Okrika is a Nigerian word that spread across the continent during the early 19th century inter-national trade. How the name found itself in Cameroon is due to the connection between business men in Cameroon buyingand selling goods along the coast. Generally, for most English-speaking Cameroonian, Okrika stands for used or second-hand clothes. In OKRIKA, Magasco makes us to know he has been a buyam-sellam. Produced still by Magasco and Sangtum, he employs the feeling of Congolese legendary singer Awilo Longomba. In the song, he makes no big different from the likes of Koffi Olomide, Fally Ipupa and Fabregas. Because Magasco has always been who he is, the song is revamped and branded with unique touch. “Livam make a wear ma okrika” he shouts. Okrika dresses are mostly termed bad or clothes for poor people. He calls on everyone to leave him wear his okrika. The song is a nostalgic for those who know Magasco’s past, starting from his home town Bamenda. It was in Bamenda that he started the BamendaBoy Movement, a tag that has today gone beyond the walls of the city.  “everything rigt here be start na for gutter” he sings.  In as much as Magasco is the second most fashioned artist in Cameroon, he still remembers his root and telling his girls to know the Fine Boy they roll with started from the gutter.

Diversity of culture. Still with half of the Congolese music in him, NA SO, which is the 13th track out of the 14 is a blend of Makossa, rumba, and afrobeat. In the song, we get a bid of Magasco’s hit song “KUMBA MARKET” as an inspiration to NA SO. NA SO is a pidgin word meaning “so it is” in correct English. Because of the absence of a question mark behind the title (NA SO?) which would have made it a question, NA SO therefore in this context is simply a confirmation he makes for seeing a pretty girl. Same vibe for SOKOTO “all thing na sokoto” everything is fine. Na So is a club shut down record.

Concluding his debut album in style and in legacy, the song that follows Na So is the best if originality is to be considered. Why GOLDEN BOY is called a versatile piece and a representation of Cameroon being Africa in miniature is because of the last song, “WUSIDE U COMOT”. WUSIDE U COMOT is a slap to the face of other artists of Magasco’s generation. No one after listening to WUSIDE U COMOT won’t brand the young star Africa’s number one. Same Fela Kuti feeling he gave us in ITS OVER featuring Gabonese rapper Vicky, Magasco shuts the mouths of people complaining about everything they see. From lines like “U say u no like okada, you go buy motor” “I go talk until it’s over” “and you say you no like cassava you di suck garri”. The song puts hypocrites on their chairs so that they could stop being fake and blaming life for not being fair.  WUSIDE U COMOT is a song that educate the society of self-respect and preach against covetousness. It Is a euphemistic song he likens to the world of today. An advanced Salsa and Rumba rhythm heavily desgned with live instruments. WUSIDE U COMOT is the symbol of GOLDEN BOY album.

Sound Engineers: Magasco, Sangtum, Willbeats, Master Roboster, The Dreamer.

Mastered by: Sangtum

Cover arts: Kini Wolfgang

Language: English, Pidgin English, French, Ewondo.


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