it’s been over two weeks since the release of Fiona ‘s debut video single, DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!

Fiona aka Janice Atem is a hard worker and an artist. Aside being a Radiology technician as a graduate of Technology Degree in Medical Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy, she is a PASSIONATE Worshiper, song writer and a seasoned music minister with some international experiences during her 3 years stay in China.

The softness of her ministrations and pithiness in her Revelation can only be described with glory and you can comfortably conclude she is a competent #Minstrel in our day. Her consistent delivery provides an amazing tenderness in this glorious romance of righteousness during praise and worship.

#DoYouBelieveInMiracles is a free flow from Heaven that inspires even Fiona’s Confidence for the overcoming life in Christ Jesus. She therefore promises Financial, health and all kinds of #Miracles to everyone and every nation as they listen to this Heavenly Melody! watch, like and share to everyone and every place you can reach … you will surely be saving a soul.

God bless You. We love! #HeavensOrigination


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