Last year 2017, Numerica realized a very good song, MONBÈQUIÈ. In the song, he introduces newly created dance move with hands and shoulders. After the release, the top fashioned artiste in Cameroon was able to guarantee same vibe to his fans in his collaboration with Blu Nation’s finest, Tzy Panchak.

Earlier this week, the star dropped the long-awaited video whose audio was released on all music platforms last year.

C’EST TOI means “You are the one”.  Numerica dedicates the song to his mother and shows how much he loves her. He manages to show us the kind of love and affection his mother showed him from birth and the favors he is doing for her as a grownup.

Directed by Ns Pictures, a Yaounde based video enterprise, the video is another science visuals with a projection of Numerica’s baby photos. The video helps in cementing the entire message behind the song coupled with Tzy’s cool verse.


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