Thursday, 11th January, 2017, was Mimie’s birthday, first official signed female artiste under the Empire Company label. In celebration of her birthday, the Douala based singer left her hometown to the capital city Yaoundé where her entire team is based to celebrate her anniversary.

Among the list of artistes present at the secret birthday party Empire threw for her at Yao-Ba were; Pit Baccardi, Magasco, Locko, Numerica, Rythmz, and a whole lot of invitees.

Just when we had thought all the Facebook posts and comments were merely miscalculated information’s roaming the social media for attention about Locko’s affection for the beautiful artiste, they both openly told the world they were standing on a BRIDGE.

Hope locko doesn’t leave Mimie behind as he prepares for THE BRIDGE journey!

Last year 2016, a handful of photos spread over the social media about the two artistes in a hot romance, but no one took it as something big because they both are from the same city and could have been sharing just the normal township love celebrities do, not knowing the stars had each other’s photo under their pillows.

Yesterday when everyone present at the party was happily wishing Mimie a colorful plus one, Locko bumped on her with a special wish, a true love kiss on Mimie’s…. just watch!  Awe!!!!! Then the conversation…

LOCKO: Happy birthday bebe… (kisses)

MIMIE: thank you bae! (smiles)

The Kamerflow Magazine  on seeing the whole drama immediately rushed to the star to find out if truly something is up with her and Locko and Mimie replied

“its a secret”

Attention Locko! Numerica got eyes on you. Cameroon’s number fashion-artiste, the tall and handsome Numerica might also want to add in Mimie’s list of guys. Hope Mimie resist him cause no girl can. But wait! Numerica where is Daphne?

Follow the conversation of the two on Instagram HERE.

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