New Bell Music voice goddess Reniss, proprietress of the continental jam “La Sauce” gears up for another release.

Since Reniss dropped her last song PILON, a video whose visual was remarkable appreciated by the public and critics and played over the nation and on international television nothing has been heard from her but just updates of her, shutting down shows across the continent.

To revive the energy in her fans, the African star updated her status about her new single dropping this January 17th 2017. But for how long, this is 7 months after she dropped Pilon, are the fans still ready to get something from her after the gap?

On Monday, January 15, 2018, two days to the release of her 2018 debut video whose title we don’t yet know, Reniss went live on Facebook to catch fun and update her fans about her projects for the year.

Much love, likes and comments from her Facebook fans.

This is no joke, but Reniss must be planning on taking back what she left for the past 7 months. Her crown, her style is yet to be overshadowed by any other female artist in Cameroon even though the industry now has very power female artistes making headlings.

On her 36 minutes FACEBOOK Live chat, the star promised to come back in full gear on her debut video plus an EP two days after the video.

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