Where Cameroon music stands today is due to the relentless efforts of ancient music legends; the young and vibrant generation turning the tunes of Bikutsi and Makossa to suit the urban market.

Among the list of the new generation adding effort to the innovation is, Leonette, an Afro soul artist ready to break every stone with his soul touching melodies.

Coming from the North West region of Cameroon; Boyo Division – Kom, Leonette’s mastery of art has made her find a direction she interns to ride on with.

Before her debut release scheduled this end of the month, the female vocalist has been on the music scene for years now, but as every intelligent artist, it is never when you started but how you started.

Her genre of music is what will wonder your mind; Afro soul. Despite the trending Afropop and Afrobeat genre the young generation find themselves in these days, she takes her art as a treatment of broken hearts and as the mender of all kinds of souls.

Just when we thought Reniss was the only female urban Afro artist, she comes into the lamplight with a more unique and sultry style; singing in her dialect, itanyikom.

Her style is a reflection of Cameroon and Africa; her melodies focuses on the tribulations, local and daily happenings around the continent.

Listen to one of her previous song; Pinky Baby.

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