MBOM ENTERTAINMENT presents the official video of NJUSAH performed by Leonette, a typical African story interpreted with so much of interesting action scenes.

NJUSAH is a chill folklore written and composed in “Itayikom” and interpreted by, Leonette. After being in the music scene for years now, the beautiful nawain has decided on coming out with her debut warm melody to mark her official kickstart of her music career.

In the music video, Eystein Junior Young, one of Cameroon’s youngest amazing actors, plays the role of Njuhsa; the protagonist whose lazy (Njuhsa) behavior has left the mother, Lina Ike, with nothing but regrets for given birth to such a son.

In as much as Leonette in the song tries to paint how bad the modern African society has become with children given nothing but stress and problems to their parent, she also stresses on the love that exist between Lina and her son. For her, a mother will never abuse her child but will only discipline him.

The coming of social media and the advancement of technology has driven youths to be more of stooges; surfing, texting and tire over nothing rather than the busy lives of their forefather who worked and walked miles to survive.

Njuhsa meaning “Lazy” will keep you attach to your screen as you will see a representation of your life in “Njuhsa Man”

The video is directed by Yonka from Yonka Films. Add what you think about the about story line as you watch, share, like and comment.

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