Cameroonian afrobeat super star with real names, Charles Arthur Locko Samba, better known for his stage name Locko, finally cross the bridge in his music career later today, Friday, February 9, 2018 in his debut album, THE BRIDGE.

The successful singer who after three years ever since he came into the lamplight said music has been with him for the past years and he think this year is the year he wants to take his career to the apex.

During THE BRIDGE press conference which the 25 years old singer granted to the different press men and women present at Circle Club Bastos- Yaoundé, with the entire Big Dreams Entertainment family, he said his three years of being a popular artist has let him through a lot and he thinks THE BRIDGE is a prove to all that.

With over 10 singles and 17 collabos in his name, Locko dropped his first EP Skyzo in 2015, with hit songs in it such as: Sawa Romance, Ndutu and Margo which all made great successes in the country and across.

With an album of 18 records and four already known songs to the public, Locko, in THE BRIDGE, has jump the fence from the boy people use to refer to as an American because of his RnB skills and accent to the father whom others will copy and follow as his career unfolds.

When the Kamerflow reporter present at the conference raised his hand up to join the chorus of asking questions why he titled the album THE BRIDGE, Locko was very ready and  robust with his reply on the question as if he knew the question was to pop-up during the press conference.

“It is a stepping stone to my career. Before now I think I was like a student and doing music just for the fun of it. Since last year things has change in me as an artist and I have learned a lot. I think the Bridge signifies the line I have cross to face the real business. It is a stepping stone to my career with more professionalism and more hits. In the Bridge, I crossed the music bridge and I am now standing across the bridge” – Locko

The star who also is very fluent in both English and French languages, was able to spell out his purposes and continued with our reporter when he was asked if the album had videos and which videos should the nation be expecting from the album.

Hahahaha…guys I can’t say that and you know it. If I do then I will spoil the show. It has to be a surprise but just to say, we have videos from the album dropping very soon” – Locko

The album features Teeyaa, Nabila, One237, Lcm, Mr.Leo, Magasco, Kryms M, Roche Dombou, Ko-C, Dip and produced by Locko, DJ Kriss, Magic Fingaz, Mr.Behi and Salatial.


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