Yesterday 14th, known to be the celebration of St. Valentine, Ewube and team made a public statement before the day to inform fans about the IGNITE event which was programmed on the 14th February, 2018.

The continues unrest and crisis in the two anglophone regions has left many unfinished projects and some cancelling  events because of the continue curfew in the two regions.

On Tuesday, 13th February ,2018, Ewube and team posted on the social media the recent change of plans of her first show after her collabo with Locko. The show was to serve as the first performance of STAY, her recent released love jam featuring Locko.

This is what she said.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, accept greetings from Ewube, Mic Monsta, Rudy Bway, Boy Cheez, Manefrieni, Vivid, Black Bone and Dream Lounge. Due to continues curfew in Buea, we have decided to postponed the “IGNITE” Live Music Event on the 14th. We shall announce a new date shortly but your safety is most precious because without you there is no us. We are putting everything together to make sure the next date and time won’t be interrupted. Thank you very much for your loyalty. BE SAFE!


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