Big Dreams Entertainment’s engine, Locko, the lockomotive engine of the label might have gone independent.

On Friday, February 9, 2018, Locko released his debut album THE BRIDGE. The album since then has had enormous positive feedback and appreciations for the job well done. The best thing that happened in the album that left most of his fan on their feet celebrating the masterpiece was the introduction of Dombou Roche, the 15-year-old kid who won his #JeSeraiLa contest on a hook with him titled “THE RISK”; Locko might surly be the first artist to show such gesture in Cameroon.

His recent song BooBoo which pains Locko with his old Locko face we use to call Mr. Vocal in Cameroon, is a nostalgia to the public. Locko in BooBoo took his fans back to his old style, his original him but the one thing that surprised everyone was the absence of the beautiful Big Dreams Entertainment logo with that kid in the middle.

Question: must every artist after releasing an album for the label  leave?

It’s an all new level now for Locko as he becomes the boss of his own record label and enterprise. Now, his CV will add from just being an artist and producer to an artist, producer, CEO and probably business man.

YEMA is the name of his new label. The name is a no new name among his fans. They say old habits die-hard and that’s just the case with Locko’s. Before now, Yema has been Locko’s music tag. He has always been mentioning the name in every beginning or ending of his songs. Yema is a name already known over the nation by Locko’s fans. Some at times prefer calling him Yema than Locko.  Could it be Locko had the idea of the label before album? Because it’s been more than a year he started the name Yema.

What is now left for Big Dreams Entertainment?

The Young CEO, Gervaise Ngongang, who still enjoys rights over the Bridge album weeks ago posted on his Facebook timeline before the album release “new signing coming”. Has he find Locko’s replacement? But can anyone feel Locko’s gap?

Currently, the label has just two artists Ko- C and Kryms-M. Ko-C now is the front-line artist having a hit song still trending and airing on major medias in Africa, especially Trace TV. The artist has proven to be very talented with his back to back dropping of hit songs drops.

Yema is the new baby in the country. Nothing more than your endless support as you have been showing Locko when he was  still with Big Dreams will stop the label from growing. Crossing the bridge in the music industry is always a pride for every artist.

Locko has not just cross the bridge and is matching on the other side but has crosses the bridge and has started the construction of another bridge. Blessing follow you as you construct Locko.  YEMA!

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