The past weeks in Cameroon have witnessed nothing but beefs and shades among celebrities; soccer players throwing stones at each other on the left and artists on the right, but the most trendy is the polemic between Maahlox Le Vibeur and Dynastie Le Tigre.

Yesterday during his partnership deal with WestSi2 Production, Dynastie was privileged enough to throw light on the bad air polluting the ecosystem about his relationship with Maahlox.

All through during the interview, he kept mentioning Maahlox as a brother, not just an artist and a colleague.

Dynastie’s late coming during the signing was motivated by his long stay at the police station concerning the complaints he made against Maahlox which was to generate to an unrest between the two friends and within the industry if he hadn’t withdrawn the case. He withdrew the complain before coming to the press conference.

Maahlox and Dynastie are very good friends. They both are playboys that knows how to get the game moving. In as much as the public might be seeing it as a serious problem between the two because of the constant fuel Maahlox keeps pouring on it, Dynastie sees it a normal buzz from the brother.

In his words, Dynastie said he has nothing bad with Maahlox Le Vibeur and begs the population to try to preach peace among their artists and not only hate speeches.

Maahlox does not hate Dynastie, We are brothers and he is only making his buzz. We cannot be fighting because we are not animals. We have our differences. We have been brothers since. Cameroonian doesn’t know how to protect her own, we instead want the buzz to discredit our culture. We don’t say the good things in the country, but the bad ones that will bring a problem. I went to the police station to withdraw my case with Maahlox. He is my big brother and I respect him very much. If I have offended Maahlox I am sorry and if Maahlox has done anything bad to me, I forgive him and I beg the fans to also forgive me. We have shared a lot and have a lot in common. He is my brother”

When asked what his program would look like after his show with Davido in Douala, this is what he said

“I am going to Dubai with like 10 people for concerts and might shoot a video or two in the desert like  big stars  do and after that fly to France for my European tour”

Watch his latest clip


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