Peace returns to Yaoundé after the alleged arrest of Maahlox Le Vbeur. Case of Lady Ponce & Dynastie Le Tigre

Peace returns betwee Maahlox Le Viber, Lady Ponce and Dynastie Le Tigre
Peace returns betwee Maahlox Le Vibeur, Lady Ponce and Dynastie Le Tigre

Yesterday was less tense in the capital city as three urban artists, Maahlox Le Vibeur, Lady Ponce and Dynastie Le Tigre, all had opened-files at the police station, all complaints against Maahlox Le Vibeur.

His case with Dynastie wasn’t that too serious because the complainer later changes his mind and withdrew his file from the police station.

That which was the order of the day was the arrest of Maahlox by a complaint made by Lady Ponce over extortion and breach of contract by Maahlox Le Vibeur.

According the Lady Ponce, Maahlox did not respect the terms of his deal after being paid the sum of 500.000CFA to perform at the SEFEDI Festival on Saturday, 3rd March, 2018, organise her. He was arrested for “breach of trust and fraud”

Sources say even though the star was present at venue of performance, he later left on the pretext that the programming and environment was not suitable for him to perform.

Lady Ponce on noticing that, demanded her money  be refunded and with an interest sum of 1 Million FCFA for the profit she was to make making it an overall sum of 1.5 Million FCFA.

The case was immediately taken care of Maahlox Le Vibeur’ manager, Patou Ebongu, who sent the total amount Lady Ponce claimed Maahlox was to refund.

After that, the case was burned and the two artists had some good, shared drinks together after Maahlox had accepted his fault and asked for apologies from Lady Ponce. Le Vibeur yesterday really felt some vibration on his head.

On the side with Dynastie Le Tigre, peace and love in the entertainment industry was one of his point during his press conference after the withdrawal of his case against Maahlox Le Vibeur.

The Francophone artists are showing real transparency and defining the business in the show.

The incident between Lady Ponce and Maahlox will serve as a lesson to other artists who thinks they can get away with organizers money after being paid.

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