For more than 3 years today, Cameroon music has been celebrated all over because of its cultural heritage and content implanted in it. Talking music with values that speaks of the national colors of Cameroon, one can’t list the first 3 urban artists without calling the name of Dynastie Le Tigre.

Born In Ebolowa and schooled in National Polytechnic Bamenda, where his love for music started climbing hills while being a pianist for Brasseries du Cameroon in the North West Region, he later moved to Dschang where he completed his education and intensified his mission into the showbiz.

Cedric Biyong Edimengo who goes by the stage name Dynastie Le Tigre, is Cameroonian born afro-bikutsi singer, a vocalist and an award winning artist who won Best Male artist in Cameroon in 2017.

On Tuesday, 7th March, 2018, it was a double celebration for the star as he released his new video clip “Alloh” and signed a new deal with WestSi2 Production.

Dynastie for the past years has been an independent artist under his record label Tiger Production with Hope Music Group taking charge of his distribution, but yesterday, the star welcomed another hand in his 40 “manship” at Tiger Production.

Tiger Production is made up of about 40 members, artists, ambassadors, a football team and lots more.

Tiger Production/ WestSi2 signing (Dynastie Le Tigre et Jas B)

Tiger Production as the main label and now legalized as a legitimate entity, will continue its role as it has been doing with the production and benefits of the artist while WestSi2 Production, under Jas B, comes in as expert to manage the artist and his entire production. That is, WestSi2 will be in charge of every finance, events, anything about Dynastie’s image and corporate deals. WestSi2 itself is a legalized business entity making them both legitimate. As for Hope Music Group, they maintain their function as the distributors of his records.

The conference started late because Dynastie came after the schedule time under the pretext that he was at the police station attending the complain he made against Maahlox Le Vibeur.

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His new clip Alloh, is his second release since the start of the year. Alloh is a love story and talks about regrets and forgiveness composed in his dialect, English and French Language. The video is directed by the award winning Ns Pictures. The song won’t only led you love the youngster as an artist, but will convince you to respect his sense of art as an artist with a vision.

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